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Annual Conference - Boston 2001

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Enhancing Professional Practice: A Framework for Teaching  by Charlotte Danielson

Comprehensive resource outlining 22 components of successful teaching practice of which many states are utilizing as their basis for teacher evaluation ... Delaware is one of those state and DPAS II will address these components.

Planning for instruction in a classroom where students are engaged in constructive meaning

Organizing content and conveying it to students in authentic contexts

Interacting with colleagues on school committees

Communicating with parents and the business community

$16.95 (ASCD Members)        $19.95 (Nonmembers)

Teacher Evaluation to Enhance Professional Practice by Charlotte Danielson and Thomas L. McGreal

Extension of above text to include three essential elements in educator evaluation that supports quality assurance, professional development, and increased student learning.

$20.95 (ASCD Members)        $24.95 (Nonmembers)

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Topics for Discussion:

The Development of Administrator and Teacher Portfolios following a structured template for portfolio construction of:





Data Tools


A portfolio without the reflective component is merely a scrapbook.  Suggestions from administrators and teachers stressed the importance of setting aside a single file cabinet drawer as your portfolio gathering tool.  Place ALL pertinent documents that you feel are measurements of your teaching experiences whether good or bad.  By creating this isolated area, end of year portfolio requirements will be less stressful and easy to organize.  Plan to periodically reflect upon your teaching practices, and NEVER be afraid to attempt new concepts!

Integrating Technology into the Classroom

The lingo is changing and many of you may begin to hear the phrase 'Technology Infusion.'  Whatever the reference, it is wise to brush-up on your Internet skills and applications of software as an increase in school systems demanding this component to enhance ALL curricular areas is growing.  One Florida school district has spent the past five/six years creating a district-wide assessment program utilizing informational technology.  At any given time, a teacher mat administer a standardized test, score it through scanning, cross-reference the students' scores for each question to the district curriculum, and post the results for other educators to read.  For example, our sixth grade teachers would be able to access any fifth grade student's record in any discipline and see the child's strengths and weaknesses BEFORE the first day of school!

Institute for Computer Technology is a website dedicated to educating students and teachers in the use of technology applications.  The website also provides training opportunities (visit often to find them) as well as downloadable information/curriculum.

Teacher's Little Secrets is a website developed by a former teacher/administrator who now provides consulting materials for portfolio development.  Great information that is immediately applicable.

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