Master of Instruction

In February 2000, I chose to formally commit to obtaining a graduate degree and applied to the University of Delaware's Master of Instruction program.  After much deliberation and research in program and school comparisons, I selected this particular program for its specialization in the growing field of Educational Technology and for the University's reputation in research and inquiry-based learning.  Though my studies at other graduate institutions preceding this application were quite extensive, a brief break in my curriculum writing for several National Science Foundation grant programs provided the necessary free time for me to commit to educational research as well as intense program focus.

As I complete the final requirement for this graduate program, the Master of Instruction Portfolio, the desire for additional knowledge in technology infused education overwhelms and inspires me to further my instructional pursuit at the doctoral level.  Though my focus may explore the endless reaches of our technology-rich society, my commitment and desire will always remain faithful to improving instruction and educational achievement at both the K-12 and higher education levels.  Through intense documentation and meaningful reflection in all course work, I may better serve my colleagues as a resource for technological insights/materials/issues as well as a facilitator for increasing student achievement and professional research.

Please share my Master of Instruction experience and plan to visit this site for additional compilations documenting the use of computers in the educational realm.  For additional information about the Educational Technology program at the University of Delaware, utilize the link below, or for other concerns, contact me at:


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