Professional Teaching Portfolio

for Amy Laslow

The culminating activity for the Master of Instruction Program is the presentation of a portfolio documenting the following: the candidate's professional background and educational experiences; the candidate's goal statements, M.I. Program experiences, and plans for professional development; and, four components of the candidate's classroom (planning and instruction, assessment, classroom management, and the study of instruction).  The mere act of compiling and reflecting upon the plethora of artifacts and experiences truly exemplifies and reinforces the central goal of the Master of Instruction Program -- to improve the quality of instruction in the candidate's classroom.  It is through this activity that the candidate may demonstrate to the College of Education faculty that instruction has improved in his/her classroom in ways that are consistent with research and theory in the teaching profession.  Furthermore, the material contained within the portfolio must be representative of the candidate's BEST work, exhibiting only the highest professional standards in three major divisions.

Professional Background, Beliefs, and Current Teaching Contexts
History in the Education Profession
Statement of the Candidate's Beliefs About Teaching
Description of the Candidate's Current Teaching Contexts
Professional Resume


Master of Instruction Program Narrative describing the candidate's beliefs about teaching and learning when admitted to the program, and if applicable, how these beliefs have evolved throughout time.  The narrative incorporates the following bulleted items as well as details the attitudes and acquired abilities of the candidate as a result of program matriculation.
Candidate's Original Statement of Program Goals Documenting Their Importance, Their Attainment,  and Possible Amendments
Thoughtful Reflection for Several Coherent Themes within the Master of Instruction Course Work
Candidate's Plans for Future Professional Development


Reflection of Teaching Practices documents through narratives and artifacts how the candidate's current teaching context has emerged from its prior state through knowledgeable and thoughtful considerations of research and theory as presented in the Master of Instruction Program.  Pre- and post-course documentation occurs for each of the following four areas:
Planning and Instructional Processes
Assessment Procedures and Instructional Connections
Classroom Organization and Management
Self-Evaluation and Study of Instruction within the Candidate's Classroom

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