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To secure a teaching position in the field(s) of Technology Education and/or Visual Art with the flexibility and encouragement to integrate Educational Technology in the delivery of the required curriculum.  

1994 to Present

Dover Air Force Base Middle School, Dover, Delaware

Current position is comprised of a part-time position in Technology Education for the eighth grade and Visual Art for grades six, seven, and eight.  The Technology Education curriculum encourages student investigation at modular workstations with explorations in materials, structures, mechanisms, drawing/documentation, pneumatics/hydraulics, electricity, computer animation, desktop publishing, robotics, biotechnology, environmental concerns, and 3-D graphic imaging.  Utilizing critical thinking/problem solving strategies, the curriculum integrates Science/Math/Technology concepts across all disciplines as well as provides for multimedia applications.  Students meet and exceed competences through the acquisition of curriculum within the modular Technology Lab using the unique combination of synergistic System Modules and teacher-created modular studies tailored to address student demands.

Emphasis in authentic assessment of student work includes checking for explicit learning outcomes in written, spoken, and drawn documentation, namely student portfolios; students are further encouraged to complete reflective writing exercises after individual sessions and modular encounters.  Interdisciplinary units are continuously being established and revised to meet existing Content Standards/Performance Indicators at the District, State, and National levels.  One particular instructional module for the Dover Air students includes: Planning and Designing an American History Theme Park complete with amusement park rides, vendor stations, games, accommodations, etc.; Roller Coaster History and Design; and Math/ Physics Investigations for all rides with culminating field trip to neighboring theme parks.

Visual Art lessons naturally progress throughout the three grade levels beginning with the review of the Elements and Principals of Art, graphic design techniques, and three-dimensional experimentation.  History of Art/Artists, Multicultural studies, Animation Techniques, Portrait Study and Perspective Rendering complete the exploratory sequence.  Students in all Visual Art classes are encouraged to participate in local, state, and national competitions/exhibits for their Design component.  Recent award recipients at the state and national levels include: National School Bus Safety Poster Contest, US Savings Bond Poster Contest, Federal Junior Duck Stamp Design, Delaware Coalition for Clean Air Calendar Contest, and International LIONS Club Peace Poster Design.  

2001 to Present

Wesley College - Center for Adult Studies, New Castle, Delaware

Microcomputer Applications instructor for Wesley College's accelerated adult education program in Business Administration.  Current course offering satisfies a requirement in the Bachelor Degree Program, and provides students with insight in the integration, function, and purpose of the Windows Operating System and Microsoft Office 2000 in the business environment.

1998 to Present

The College of New Jersey, Ewing, New Jersey

Curriculum developer and teacher trainer for two National Science Foundation grant projects: Project UPDATE (Updating the Practices of Design and Technology Education) and CD&E (Children Designing and Engineering).  Develop, test, and evaluate CLUs (Contextual Learning Units) for age/content appropriateness in the delivery of Science/Math/Technology concepts across the curriculum.  Utilize Authentic Assessment strategies to measure documented evidence of desired outcomes in the following: Design Process, Drawing Techniques, S/M/T Concepts, Model Construction, and Self- Assessment/Reflection.  Partnerships established with area industries encourage students to explore real-world opportunities as they investigate open-ended design problems.  

1998 to 1999

American Society of Mechanical Engineers, New York, New York

Curriculum developer and graphic designer for ASME’s Engineering in the Middle School Classroom project: IDEAS (Integrated Design Engineering Activity Series).  Work with engineers nationwide to develop ten lessons integrating Math, Science and Technology Teaching Standards with real-world engineering problems.  Each three-level lesson includes specific details for the context and required materials/procedures as well as additional resources for teachers and students.  Final publishing to book and web formats.  

1993 to 1994
Art Instructor

Hoyt Institute of Fine Art, New Castle, Pennsylvania

Instruct students in the creative process by utilizing the design-based approach to problem solving and assessment.  Adapt lessons to accommodate the needs of each child in the areas of content, skill, and perceptual ability.  Integrate family participation as an extension of the lesson and learning experience to promote art study in the home environment.  Prepare guided lesson booklet for individual students including: techniques, vocabulary reference, and resource information.  
1980 to 1992 Prior employment history as an engineer encompasses several architectural, construction, and engineering facilities as: Tasso Katselas & Associates (Pittsburgh, Pa.); Palmer Products/Graphics (Pittsburgh/New Castle, Pa.); Rockwell International (New Castle); Giordano Construction (New Wilmington, Pa.); and  Joseph St. Jean, Architect (New Castle, Pa.).

6/98 to Present

University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware

Master of Instruction with a Specialization in Educational Technology - GPA 4.00/4.00
        -   expected graduation in December 2001
        -   emphasis in technology integration and authentic assessment across the curriculum  

1998 to 1999

The College of New Jersey, Ewing, New Jersey
Pittsburg State University, Pittsburg, Kansas
West Virginia University, Morgantown, West Virginia

Technology Education Teacher Certification K-12 - GPA 4.00/4.00
        -   interdisciplinary focus for the integration of Science/Math/Technology concepts 
           in problem solving and critical thinking situations  

1991 to 1994

Slippery Rock University, Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art, May 1994 - GPA 3.68/4.00
        -   graduated Magna Cum Laude
        -   emphasis in Studio Art (Design/Fiber Arts/Photography)  

1993 to 1994

Westminster College, New Wilmington, Pennsylvania

Art Education Teacher Certification K-12, May 1994 - GPA 4.00/4.00
        -   Art Education coursework in methods, observation, and student teaching  

1985 to 1988

Youngstown State University, Youngstown, Ohio

Major:  Mechanical Engineering with emphasis in Deformable Metals
Minor:  Business Management and Graphic Design
        -   practical experience gained at full-time engineering position with Rockwell         
           International in New Castle, Pennsylvania  

1983 to 1985

Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio

Major:  Architectural design and Construction Technology
Minor:  Fine Art and Visual Communication Technology  

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
National Education Association
Delaware State Education Association
Caesar Rodney Education Association, Association Rep. & Newsletter Editor - 1999 to 2001
National Art Education Association
International Technology Education Association
DATA (Design & Technology Association of UK)
Fine Arts Curriculum Council (MS Art), 1999 to Present
Careers Curriculum Council (MS Technology Education), 1997 to Present
School Improvement Plan Committee, 1997 to Present
Moveable Book Society
Ohio Craft Guild
Current Issues in Educational Technology: An ASCD Conference Update presented to Dover Air Staff – 6/01
CD&E Curriculum Materials for Ocean Spray Corporation – 2000 to Present
ProDESKTOP Teacher Trainer – 2000 to Present
ProDESKTOP Modular Training Guide for Students – 2000 to Present
Project UPDATE Contextual Learning Units – 1998 to Present
Amusement Park Physics Modular Training Guide for Students – 1998 to Present
MATH Amusements  - an informal math assessment for use by the faculty of Dover Air Middle School to determine learning deficiencies in students – 4/00
Pop-Up Engineering presentation for Science Alliance Technology Fair – 10/00
IDEAS Curriculum for ASME Project – 1999 to 2000
Discovery Day Activities for Synergistic System Modules – 1999  
Nominated for Building Teacher of the Year – 2001
DSEA First Place Award for Best Newsletter - Large Local – 5/00
Air Force Commendation for Student Correspondence to Troops Abroad - 1/00
Praxis II Standards Setting Committee Nominee/Member for Art Education - 1999
Teacher of the Year for Dover Air Middle School – 1997 to 1998
Year of American Craft Award – 1993, 1994, 1997, and 1998  
Creating art (book arts, papermaking, drawing, and weaving)
Self-taught explorations in the fields of art and technology
Walking/Traveling with family
Culinary Arts and Gourmet Cooking  
REFERENCES Personal and professional references are available upon request.

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